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It's important to know what to do if you have been in an accident.
What Should I Do In Case of Auto Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Florida motor vehicle accident, and you would like more information about the recovery options available to you, please call us to talk about your situation. There is no charge for your initial consultation and no fee unless we recover money for you.

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If you live and work in one of Florida’s major population centers such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville you are at increased risk of being involved in a serious vehicular accident. We all believe it won’t happen to us, but if and when an auto accident touches your life or the lives of a loved one, whom are you going to call to protect your rights if there is negligence, intentional misconduct, or product liability? Representing people injured in vehicle collisions involves the coordination of a broad range of legal issues, which include establishing fault, proving damages and assisting with insurance benefits such as Florida no-fault coverage, health insurance, liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage.

We work diligently on your behalf to arrive at a timely settlement for your accident, and we are fully prepared to proceed to trial should that be necessary to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve. We have successfully recovered many millions of dollars on behalf of people who have been injured in roadway accidents.

The impact an auto accident can have on someone can be tremendous and costly. Auto accident injuries occur on a large scale every day. As a specialist in the auto accident arena we fully understand the complexities that auto accidents entail, including both legal and insurance matters. Determining who is at fault for an auto accident can be difficult due to the many factors involved. Many causes of car accident collisions are due to:

  • Drunk driving
  • Drowsiness
  • Negligence
  • Distractions
  • Cellphone Misuse
  • Agressive Driving
  • Poor Road Conditions
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Speeding
What Should I Do In Case of Motorcycle Accident

Are you one the 16,000 people injured annually in a motorcycle accident? Have you lost a loved one in a motorcycle-related fatality? Our firm has seen the damage that motorcycle accidents can cause, and we are committed to helping those whose lives have been changed because of a motorcycle-related accident.

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Crashes with motorcycles are not rare events – particularly among some beginning riders. And one out of every five motorcycle crashes are shown to result in head or neck injuries. Head accident injuries are just as severe in motorcycle crashes as neck injuries – and far more common. Crash analysis of a motorcycle shows that head and neck injuries account for a great majority of serious and fatal injuries to motorcyclists. The financial burden incurred through motorcycle accidents can be particularly great due to lost wages, expensive medical bills, and, potentially, occupational therapy. To add to the losses, a bike may be irreparable. We will aggressively represent you for injuries that include, but are not limited to: Injuries requiring surgery, sutures, staples Traumatic Brain Injury, including those caused by oxygen deprivation Severe burns resulting in significant and permanent scarring Mental anguish and emotional distress Death Those injuries caused by a collision with a driver that is drunk, impaired or otherwise under the influence of narcotics or drugs. If you, or someone you know has been injured, or has died, in a motorcycle accident, you should contact our office so we can assist you in determining whether or not there might be financial recourse and compensation available to you, your family and loved ones for an accident in which there may be negligence.

What Should I Do In Case of Slips and Falls

Florida has millions of senior citizens who are often the victims of slip and fall accidents. However, slippery or uneven floors can cause an unsuspecting person to slip and/or trip and injure themselves. Slip and fall incidents generally occur on “someone else’s premises” such as a restaurant, retail facility, workplace, or in a residential setting. A slip and fall accident is almost always unexpected and may be the result of:

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As simple as they may seem, slip and falls are very dangerous. Slip and fall injuries range from life threatening head injuries to debilitating back problems, serious bone breaks and a myriad of life interrupting injuries, all causing potentially expensive medical and rehab costs.

Slips and falls or trips and falls that occur because of a hazard or defect on another person’s property are called “premises liability” claims. Regardless of how or why a person enters a property, owners have a responsibility to maintain their property and to warn people who enter the premises of any unsafe conditions. If property owners fail to notify of hazardous premises conditions, they may be held legally responsible or “liable” for injuries that occur on their property. The law considers property owners who fail to meet their responsibilities negligent.


Slip and fall accidents are personal injury and are one type of “fall down” accidents. There are four general types of slip and fall accidents:

  • Trip-and-fall accidents, where there is a foreign object in the walking path.
  • Stump-and-fall accidents, where there is an impediment in the walking surface.
  • Step-and-fall accidents, where there is an unexpected failure or hole in the walking surface.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents, in which the interface of the shoe and the floor fails.

Both the property owner as well as the injured person can be held to varying degrees of responsibility for an injury. The property owner has a responsibility to keep property safe. Each person has a duty to watch where they are going, as well as realize that there are things that fall or spill onto walking surfaces.

But there are many layers to premises liability, which is the area of law that encompassed slip and fall injuries. It can become very complicated when trying to determine fault, and to determine whether conditions were indeed hazardous. At the Law Office of Scott J. Senft, we can determine whether or not there was, or might be liability on behalf of a property owner and determine if you or a loved one might be entitled to damages or compensation.

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