Legal Counsel For Personal Injury Accident Case In Fort Lauderdale

Have you recently been the victim of a personal injury accident? We know you have, and that is why you are here. These are incidents that can drastically affect our lives and inflict a mass amount of grief and distress. The consequences of a personal injury accident not only bring emotional, physical, and financial issues, but they will also make us deal with complex legal obstacles. 

Personal injury accidents reflect the idea that the majority of these accidents are usually caused by an individual or a group of people that act on gross negligence and inflict injuries on another person. Having that in mind, we are here to tell you that those at fault are undoubtedly accountable for your damages. Due to those injuries, you have every single right to an owed set of compensation. 

Whether you have suffered personal injury accidents such as slip and falls or injuries for defective products this article is meant especially for you. We urge you to join us throughout this detailed account so that you can gain the necessary insight regarding the legalities of these accidents. Furthermore, we will also instruct you on why it is that a Fort Lauderdale accident attorney is the only one capable of helping you deal with these issues and receive a rightful compensation.

Types of Accidents

Slip & Falls

Slip and fall accidents are perhaps one of the most common personal injury accidents. However, just because they are common does not mean that those at fault should be exempt from holding accountability. Quite the contrary, slip and falls usually occur in places of business and public establishments, which thus highlight the carelessness of those in charge of ensuring the safety of those in attendance.

The following places are where slip and falls tend to occur:

  • Restaurants,
  • Malls,
  • Office spaces, 
  • Stores, 
  • Private residences.

Slip & falls are thus categorized to be accidents that portray a victim suffering a fall due to a hazardous condition within one of the above-mentioned establishments. These dangers are usually wet surfaces, broken floors, poor roofing, and poorly lit areas. These are thus contributing factors that can lead to mild, severe, and life long injuries that can even result in death. 

The truth is that your injuries could have been prevented by the owner or manager of the establishment but it has to be proved that that was your case. In personal injury law, your damages alone will not unfortunately be enough to pursue compensation. Instead, it will have to be proven that the dangerous condition had been present for a certain amount of time, but also that the owner failed to fix it. Even worse, there are instances where the accountable party knew that there was a hazard in place but still chose not to do anything about it.

Qualifications of Compensation

Let’s go ahead and review the types of damages that will add to your compensation. The following include:

  • Pain and suffering from emotional and physical trauma. 
  • Medical bills for immediate and long term treatment. 
  • Out of pocket costs in recovery costs. 
  • Loss of income or wages due to inability to work. 
  • Assistance for the family if injuries result in death.

Legal Help

As mentioned before, a competent attorney will facilitate and maximize your chances of attaining a just compensation for your accident. Let’s go and review what they will provide for you:

  • You can rest assured that your attorney has the necessary experience in handling a case just like yours. They know how to navigate around the tricks and foul play of the insurance companies that at all costs will try to invalidate your claim. 
  • Your attorney will increase the amount of your compensation by assessing the value of your own specific damages. Having a legal representative on your side will also block any possible underestimations by the property owner. Be advised that if you are not legally represented, those underestimations will hurt your chances of getting justice. 
  • Your attorney will gather the facts of the events that led or triggered your accident. By doing so, they will conduct a very detailed investigation of every component regarding the slip and fall. This includes:
  1. Compile evidence of the damages. 
  2. Gather eyewitnesses of the events. 
  3. Question employees or property owners of the establishment or private home. 
  4. Record the consequences of your injuries.
  • No fees until you win your case. That is perhaps one of the most important advantages of seeking legal assistance because it will allow you to concentrate on recuperating from your injuries. It will save you time and stress knowing that throughout the legal process you will not have to pay a dime if and only if you end up winning your case.

Defective Product Liability

Defective product injuries are more common than you may know because of the mass amount of product purchases that occur in Florida let alone the United States. Unfortunately, customers are usually taken by surprise when their product ends failing to deliver the desired function. 

The issue, however, is when that failure to adequately perform results in any type of physical injury to the consumer. That, my friends, is called a defective product injury. As soon as the individual sustains damages, someone is to blame for that defect. The manufacturer of that specific product thus becomes liable for its inadequacies.

Qualifications for Compensation

Just like any other personal injury accident, your pain and suffering will deserve a rightfully owed compensation. Let’s go ahead and review what specific damages will build up your compensation:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Inability to perform even the simplest of tasks due to injury, 
  • Medical costs when enduring treatment and recovery,
  • Emotional trauma.

Legal Expertise

We shall now review what benefits a competent accident lawyer can provide for you in this specific case:

  • They will protect your rights by ensuring that your injuries are exemplified exactly how they are. This means that there was a notable case of negligence on behalf of the manufacturer, and your attorney will make sure that they are held accountable.
  • Your attorney will go to the lengths of claiming punitive damages to make sure that the negligence perpetrated by the manufacturer does not happen again. More specifically, not only will you receive the compensation that you deserve, but the manufacturer will be barred from making that same product ever again if need be. 
  • Like other personal injury cases, your attorney will not charge any fees until the moment that you actually win your case or lawsuit. This is because they understand the emotional and physical ordeals that you will be dealing with while you try to recover. This will save you money and provide you with peace of mind. 
  • Your attorney will guide you throughout your legal battle to ensure that company’s representatives do not cheat you out of the money you deserve. Oftentimes, victims are not fully aware of the implications of defective product cases since these are less common than other accidents. However, your lawyer has vast experience in dealing with cases just like your own. They will make sure that you get what you are entitled to. 

We hope that this informative article has given you more clarity in terms of these two types of personal injury accidents. It is crucial to understand that by hiring an attorney, your rights will be protected. That is why we are delighted to inform you that the Offices of Scott J. Senft The Lawyer is ready to take your own specific case.

With ample experience in our community and an exceptional proven track record, Scott is by far the best Fort Lauderdale accident attorney in town. His team wishes to provide you with the most effective legal solutions amidst a very stressful time. Let our firm take care of you, call us now!

Legal Expertise Is Priceless

Personal injury accidents are one of the leading causes of severe injuries and fatalities within the United States. In fact, according to the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), in 2019 there were about 36,338 deaths from slip and falls, and 40,231 deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s). The truth of the matter is that we will not sugarcoat things for you, especially all of the harsh realities surrounding personal injury accidents. 

The reason for our bluntness is that these are incidents that can change people’s lives at the blink of an eye. These are events that tend to always be unprecedented and unexpected, leaving the affected individual dazed and confused. Furthermore, the aftermath of a personal injury accident ,unfortunately, negatively impacts the person’s life because of the physical, mental, but also financial consequences of it. 

However, we are here to tell you that there is a solution to effectively combat these harsh difficulties. By hiring the best personal injury attorney in Florida, you will have the best chance to obtain your rightful compensation.

These are cases that have negligence written all over it and for that, you deserve your corresponding reparations for the damages received. Join us throughout this detailed account so that you can further learn the legal basis of your accident and why it is crucial to hire a lawyer.

Traumatic Accidents

Let’s go ahead and review some of the most common personal injury accidents in the country. Especially those that affect the lives of people in the South Florida region.

Car accidents: These are one of the most recurring accidents that have pursued claims within personal injury law. Most of the time, these accidents are created by instances of gross negligence by an at fault individual. Those who are at fault, are often conditioned by actions for reckless driving, speeding, and use of alcohol.

Value of injuries: The value of your compensation will depend on the severity of your injuries and what led the culprit to commit such an offense. The following conditions will contribute the amount of your settlement:

  • The seriousness of the impact. 
  • Prior existing injuries that further affected the health of the victim. 
  • Age of the victim. 
  • Quantity and amount of medical bills, as well as the future costs of injury recovery.
  • Permanent injuries and long lasting disabilities. 
  • Length of emotional pain and suffering.
  • Inability to have insurance coverage for the damages.
  • Loss of wages or income due to inability to work.

Florida Statute of Limitations

Statutes of limitations are implemented in all states within the nation, but in Florida there are specific guidelines. This law is pretty much a legal timeframe when the victim of any personal injury accident decides to file and report a claim to corresponding authorities. 

In the State of Florida, the deadline for a victim to file their claim is two years. Specifically, the clock starts ticking the instance that the accident happens. However, for whatever reason, if the victim fails to file the claim within the timeframe, the claim will automatically be invalid. 

Slip and fall accidents: Slip and falls are also quite common, and generally lead to mild or severe injuries. Just like car accidents, these events are also triggered by someone else’s failure to act responsibly. However, in slip and falls there is perhaps an even greater chance of liability since these accidents happen in restaurants, public establishments, and private homes. 

For that reason, those property owners have a line of duty to uphold. In other words, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of those who are present in their property. Whether a place of business or a private home.. 

Proving liability: The harsh truth is that just by you claiming that you suffered an accident by someone else’s fault wont be enough to create a convincing argument.Therefore, it is necessary to prove that the owner of the establishment or house knew of any possible hazard and still chose to not fix the dangerous conditions. 

Value of a slip and fall accident: According to the CDC, the median value of a slip and fall falls between $30,000 and $40,000. These sums will have to cover the expenses of medical bills for treatment, injury recovery, pain and suffering, and lost income. 

Legal Assistance

You need to seek a legal representative because an attorney will provide you with the necessary expertise to tackle your specific case. These are trained professionals that know their way around all of the possible legal avenues to ensure that your rights are protected. Let’s go ahead and review more detailed advantages of hiring an expert attorney:

  • Attorneys know how to negotiate – As mentioned before, these are professionals that always know how to counteract any undermining tactics that seek to invalidate your claims. They are completely immersed and knowledgeable of all of the legal terminology and loopholes to maximise your chances of acquiring the settlement that you are entitled.
  • Constructing a proper case – Your attorney will be able to gather all of the necessary evidence and witness statements from the accident so that you have a solid personal injury claim.
  • Adding value to your claim – Your attorney will analyze all the aspects of your life that have been affected due to the accident. By doing so, your injuries will have a specific value that will be reflected in your eventual compensation.
  • Proper guidance Personal injury accidents are traumatic events that affect your or your loved ones in a drastic manner. For that reason, a competent attorney will undoubtedly provide you with objective decision making in a time where the emotional damage can impede you to make proper choices. This is a valuable asset because a calculated legal process will lead you to a reasonable settlement.
  • Representation in court – If your case ends up in trial, you must hire an attorney if you haven’t done so at that point. It is important to be legally represented in the courtroom by someone who can ensure that your rights are protected. Furthermore, the chances of you getting an acceptable settlement in the courtroom will definitely increase if an attorney is by your side.

We hope that you now understand the importance of seeking the services of a lawyer. For that reason, we present to you the services of Scott J. Senft the Lawyer. Scott is undoubtedly the best personal injury attorney in Florida. This isn’t only true because of his exemplary track record, but also because of his ability to fight for his clients’ rights.

Scott and his team really understand your own pain and suffering; they will not stop until you receive the compensation that you are entitled to. What are you waiting for? With over two locations in South Florida and one in Portland, Oregon, Scott J. Senft is waiting to take your case!

Slip & Falls Deserve Compensation

A slip and fall is a general legal term defined as a personal injury accident in which an individual literally slips, and then proceeds to trip because of an outside source that was not their fault. Therefore, the cause of the accident is due to a hazardous object, wet area, or faulty flooring. However, slip and falls fall into premises liability cases because the person or people who own the establishment where the accident happens, will be found culpable for it. 

These are accidents that are famous for their degree of surprise and lack of expectancy. In other words, they can happen in the blink of an eye causing you to feel dazed and confused. On top of that, the aftermath of these accidents will undoubtedly cause you an immense amount of physical and emotional trauma. Furthermore, you will also suffer inevitable financial burdens such as medical bills and out of pockets costs. Due to these issues, it is more than normal to feel overwhelmed and even hopeless. 

However, we are pleased to inform you that there is an effective and concrete manner in order to deal with these issues while also receiving a rightful compensation for your injuries. To achieve this, you will need to seek the assistance of a slip and fall accident lawyer. He or she will guide you through your legal battles and will vehemently fight to protect your rights. Join us throughout this detailed account so that you can learn more about the legal standards of slip and falls, and why it is crucial to hire an attorney when dealing with them. 

Legal Standard

  • Within premises liability, slip and falls are deemed to be accidents caused by negligence. More specifically though, this is an incident that reflects a lack of responsibility and breach of duty from the owner of a private property, place of business, or public establishment in ensuring the safety of those affected.

Proving Liability

The most important task at hand when being a victim of slip and fall is to prove that your accident was caused by any possible dangerous condition. Further details needed to prove fault are the following:

  • The owner legitimately created the hazardous condition,
  • The property owner knew that the dangerous condition already existed for an extended period of time, yet still negligently chose to not fix the issue knowing that it would eventually cause harm to others.

Commercial Versus Residential Areas

It is important to understand that slip and fall accidents have different repercussions depending if the injuries occur either in private residential areas in comparison to commercial areas. Let’s delve right into it. 

Commercial liability will follow if the owner or any employee of a store or restaurant committed the following acts of negligence:

  • Caused a spill or any other slippery or dangerous surface or item to be available and possible to affect any unexpecting customers,
  • Knew about an already present dangerous surface and chose not to do anything about it,
  • Should have known that the hazardous condition on the surface of the establishment would have posed a threat. In comparison, a more responsible proprietor would have taken the time to inspect the property and would thus have discovered the hazard, proceeding to remove or repair it.

Residential liability will follow if landlords or homeowners commit the following acts of negligence:

  • The landlord or homeowner did in fact have the power to prevent the condition that caused the slip and fall,
  • Failing to immediately repair the potential hazard, especially if it would have been cheap and easy to do so,
  • If a serious injury was an inevitable result of not fixing the hazard,
  • An accumulation of poor-decision making to simply avoid or neglect the issue and culminating in the slip and fall of a tenant, neighbor, or pedestrian.

Injury value

Generally, there are a couple of factors that make up how much money your pain and suffering from the accident will grant you. Let’s go ahead and review them:

  1. The amount of financial trouble caused by your accident – This would include medical bills such as hospital visits, treatment, physical therapy, recovery and mental health therapy.
  2. Loss of wages and income due to injury – If you are unable to work and provide for yourself or your family for an extended period of time, a proper settlement will compile your losses and add them to your compensation. 
  3. Compensation for disability –  Instances when your injuries resulted in permanent disabilities impeding you from doing even the most simplest of tasks. Such things include taking care of yourself, working, and communicating. 
  4. Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering – These include mental trauma and the inability to have peace of mind due to the accident.

Legal Assistance For Your Slip & Fall Case


You need to understand that the above-mentioned information is not only crucial knowledge, but also necessary steps to take in order to attain the compensation that you deserve. However, the most important step of all, is to hire a lawyer so that they may guide you throughout this legal process. Let’s go ahead and review the advantages of hiring an attorney:


  • An attorney will actually be able to prove liability – At the beginning of your process, your lawyer will gather all of the necessary evidence, declarations, and witnesses of the accident scene. By doing so, he or she will create a strong and factual argument that not only portrays your injuries, but also highlights the owner’s negligence.
  • Add value to your claim – A competent attorney has the expertise and strategy to correctly analyse the charsiterics of both your physical and emotional injuries. As a result, your interests and needs will be taken care of, since they will be highlighted on your claim. Your injuries will thus become the reason for a deserved compensation and a reasonable value will be added onto them.
  • Talk to the insurance companies – There is nothing more tedious and painstaking than dealing with the insurance companies, especially if they are representing a place of business. Many times, these representatives will try to use sneaky tactics in hopes of disputing your accusations. Thankfully, your attorney will have a vast experience in dealing with cases identical to yours. They will know how to deal with their undermining strategies to ensure that your rights are protected.
  • Will represent you in court if need be – If your case goes to trial, your attorney will know exactly how to present your case to the jury with factual evidence. Oftentimes, if your lawyer threatens litigation before a hearing, the insurance companies will opt to treat you in a more respectful manner in hopes of avoiding going to court because juries and judges tend to rule in favor of the plaintiff. Nonetheless, if you do go to court, the chances of you winning your case will drastically decrease if you’re not accompanied by a legal representative.

We now believe that you are definitely more educated regarding the legal complexities of dealing with slip and fall accidents. Furthermore, we hope that you also understand that the only way to properly deal with this issue is by seeking the services of a slip and fall accident lawyer. Luckily, we are more than delighted to inform you about the services of Scott J. Senft The Lawyer for your slip and fall needs.

Scott and his team are a set of legal experts that will not stop working until you receive even the last cent that you are entitled to. They are truly empathetic to your circumstances, which is one of urgency and necessity. With locations in Dania Beach and Boca Raton, Scott and his squad are ready to represent you. Stop hesitating and call him now!

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