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Personal injury law revolves around torts. Torts are acts, or failures to act, that interfere with somebody’s freedom to enjoy their personal and property rights.

When a group of individuals has been harmed by a particular product or incident, The law office of Scott J. Senft is prepared to seek justice through a legal process called mass torts.

In law, a tort is a civil wrong, such as defamation of character through slander or libel, or damage suffered as a result of negligence. Medical malpractice cases also are torts. Wherever damage or injury is caused by an action that is not a criminal action, the injured party can bring an action for damages against the person, persons, or institution responsible. In the Florida Statutes, Title XLV addresses torts.

When an unscrupulous individual or corporation negligently disregards your health or safety, the consequences can affect large groups of innocent victims. Cases of widespread financial loss, injury, or death that stem from this negligence fall into the category of mass torts. Often, tort claims are confused with class actions, both of which are types of cases that are brought on behalf of groups of claimants who have suffered a similar harm. In mass tort cases, however, each injured plaintiff has his or her own distinct claim but enjoys the time and cost savings that are achieved through grouping of the individual claims by the courts.

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