Data collected from medical colleges and trauma surgeons inform us of how car crashes often cause facial injuries to drivers and passengers. Those affected by facial injuries can experience a multitude of external and internal trauma. The burdens range from minor inconveniences to significant, life-threatening handicaps.

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As with any automobile-related trauma, immediate medical care for facial injuries is one of the highest priorities. Contacting a lawyer is also. At The Law Offices of Scott J. Senft, we have a record of getting favorable results for their clients, and we know how to handle cases where clients’ faces have been damaged. Contact us today to hear more about your legal options.

What Facial Injuries are Most Common?

The data has shown that facial injuries are somewhat common when crashes happen. It makes sense for drivers to educate themselves about the different kinds of face injuries, and how common or uncommon they are.

Facial injuries are split up into two types- major soft tissue injuries and facial bone fractures. It’s estimated that of all facial injuries that crashes cause, 78% are soft-tissue injuries. That makes this a very common type of injury, so much so that 10% of all emergency room visits are for these incidents. They include:

  • Abrasions to the face often result in the skin often being torn off or rubbed off.
  • Bruising ranging from minor to major.
  • Burns to the face.
  • Lacerations and cuts to the face that can be shallow and low-maintenance, or deep and require medical attention to heal.

The other 22% of car crash-related injuries involve fractures to the face. They are:

  • Cheekbone fractures, known as a fracture of the zygomaticomaxillary bone. This fracture takes place beneath the eye and above the top teeth.
  • Broken jaws, commonly classified into two categories; a fractured lower jaw or a fractured upper jaw.
  • Broken noses, also known as nasal fractures. The three types are fractures limited to the nasal bones, fractures that involve other nasal bones, and fractures that involve other nasal bones and the septum.
  • Fractured eye sockets,  known orbital fractures. This injury takes place when one of the many bones that hold the eye socket in place has been broken.
  • Broken and dislodged teeth. Teeth can be missing, twisted, cracked, or shattered.

It’s important to keep in mind that other types of facial injuries do exist, but these are the most common. Every one of these facial injuries requires immediate medical attention. Failure to secure medical intervention could lead to serious permanent difficulties or even death.

Car Crashes and Facial Injuries

It’s the colliding of the face with parts of the car during collisions that cause the injuries. Dashboards, steering wheels, windshields, airbags, and belt buckles, are all known to have had contact with the faces of drivers and passengers. Debris and other objects within the passenger cabin are also known to cause damage to the faces of crash victims.

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An additional common occurrence to be mindful of is ejections from the vehicle. Crashes happening at high velocity and high impact are known to shoot human bodies out of passenger cabins or off bike mounts and onto or into several different surfaces and objects. During these ejections, the face hits whatever is there. Faces are then often colliding with:

  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • A single or many trees
  • Bushes or shrubs
  • Bodies of water
  • Glass that people’s faces land into or go through
  • A burning surface

Commonly, these crashes result from egregious negligence on the part of other drivers. With activities ranging from texting while driving, speeding, driving under the influence, and everything in between, their actions place their fellow travelers in harm’s way. It’s important to hire a lawyer to hold negligent drivers accountable and help injury victims recover from trauma.

What’s Fair Compensation for a Facial Injury Caused by Car Crash?

Multiple factors cause a great number of variations in each collision’s outcome. Whatever the resulting damage toll adds up to, the essential point is that no injury-related expense should remain once the matter has been brought to a close.

It’s not an easy thing to calculate how many crash-related expenses will surface post-incident. Costs take on short-term and long-term forms. It could be the case that years of therapy and rehab are needed to regain or maintain basic norms. Surgery could be needed. This should all be 100% covered. Loss of wages also falls into this category. The right amount covers all of this.

You’ll want to hire an experienced and skilled attorney to get all of these boxes checked.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

The first and most obvious reason you’ll need an attorney is so you won’t pay for something that wasn’t your fault. Life doesn’t have to be hard like that, but it can be. There exist far too many examples where people didn’t cause the crash that scarred their face for life, and they’re suffering from and paying for it years later. These outcomes can be avoided with legal help.

For anyone recovering from the trauma of a car crash, the less stress they can take on ensures better healing. Navigating settlement offers from lawyers, wading through underhanded business tactics from insurance companies, and juggling deadlines and demands of the legal system are responsibilities that vetted attorneys wake up to face every morning. Be smart.

With a firm like The Law Offices of Scott J. Senft, no driver or passenger in Florida whose face has been injured will be robbed of the chance to be made whole. With years of experience focusing on situations just like these, their legal guidance and expertise are proven to get results for victims of incidents like these. They’ve worked for others. Let them work for you.

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