Personal injury accidents can truly do a number on your health, well-being, and financial stability. These are incidents that can occur in the most unexpected moments and thus create consequences of mental anguish and a lot of physical pain. Injury accidents are known to have a “factor of surprise” and because of that, the economic repercussions of it can leave people in a really bad spot. Why? Due to the financial aspect of your injuries.

When you suffer a personal injury accident you will inevitably have to take care of your injuries and that means plenty of medical bills. Most of the time, the cost is worse than injury and you may see yourself extremely compromised with these out-of-pocket costs. 

So, what does this mean for your well-being? The suffered financial, emotional, and physical damages amount to something called “due compensation”. In other words, your injuries cannot simply go in vain. As a victim, you are entitled to receive economic and legal reparations for the pain and suffering you’ve received according to both federal and state law. You see, receiving compensation is a vital component of our justice system and as a matter of fact, it will effectively cover the financial consequences of your injuries. 

Furthermore, we would like to take a moment to say that if you have already suffered a personal injury accident we accompany you and your loved ones in these difficult times. These are moments that only the people who have endured them know the pain and suffering that this entails. Now, the next step to follow is to effectively go ahead and seek the compensation that you’re entitled to. However, we truly want you to understand that you will not be able to do this on your own. The only way to file a successful claim is by hiring the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Florida.

Accident lawyers are competent and expert professionals that have the necessary skills to deliver you the results you need. They will know how to analyze and represent your case so that your injuries are vehemently accounted for. You will be comfortable knowing that you can focus on recuperating from your damages while an attorney does the tedious work for you. So, please join us throughout this article because we shall shed light on the topics of the types of personal injury accidents, how to file an injury claim, and how an injury lawyer in South Florida can help you during that process.

Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents in Florida

We’d like to begin with a PIA that is not less common than others but that still inflicts horrifying consequences to unsuspecting victims. Medical malpractice is based on an ethical and professional failure to meet specific medical standards. This means that the medical professional acted on negligence and did not perform at the level he or she was supposed to throughout a diagnosis or medical procedure.

From a legal perspective, medical malpractice is also representative of a violation of tort law. That means that the health care worker falls under the category of professional negligence. Victims of medical negligence suffer injuries that make their previous condition worse than before or create long-lasting health risks from poor decision-making in diagnoses. This can make it more difficult to prove liability because it needs to be assured that the health care professional truly failed at their job.

In other words, it needs to be proven that other professionals would have done the same procedure or diagnosis in a correct manner in comparison to how your health care professional did it. To achieve this, an attorney will be able to request your medical records and compare them to the opinions and accounts of other medical professionals.

Slip and falls on the other hand are way more common than the one mentioned above. These accidents carry the aforementioned “element of surprise” because of the nature of how unsuspecting the victim is at the time of the fall. Things like slippery floors, poor lighting, broken tiles, and miscommunication of hazards are the prime contributors to these incidents. Be aware that the myth that a fall that occurs in a private residence is not eligible for an injury claim. That, my friends, is an incredibly false lie because just like accidents in public spaces they also deserve investigations and can qualify for compensation.

File an Injury Claim With a Reputable Attorney in Florida

The first step to take is to make sure that that you seek and receive medical attention. This is because of two important reasons: your health and the success of your accident claim in the future. The most important aspect of this whole process is to make sure that you correctly recuperate from your injuries. However, it’s also crucial that you receive it before 14 days from the first day of your accident so that your claim is valid. If you do not do this, your claim will, unfortunately, be invalid.

After doing so, you will want to contact a personal injury attorney so that you can present him or her with your side of the story, and your presented injuries. At that moment, your attorney will analyze your damages, give them value, and design a plan of action for your claim. The next step will be to contact the person or party that you believe to be liable and inform them that you are planning to begin a claim. Your injury lawyer will be able to talk to the party at fault’s insurance companies on your behalf. This will save you time and any unnecessary stress.

Once there is a direct point of contact, your attorney will negotiate with the other party for a settlement that accurately represents and repairs your damages. If the nature of the negotiation goes well, you will receive what you’re entitled to fairly quickly. Oftentimes, people want to avoid the tedious struggles of accident claims and instead opt to pursue a fair compromise. However, negotiations can also turn sour. Rest assured, your lawyer has it all taken care of. This is because the legal expert will file a lawsuit and will take your case to trial. This is where having a lawyer on your side will truly benefit you.

Injury attorneys have all of the necessary experience in these moments because they have dealt with cases like yours many times before. They will present all of the factual evidence of your injuries alongside an effective argument that will protect your rights and grant you your compensation.

Get Represented Now as Soon As Possible!

We believe that you are now better informed about the complex dynamics surrounding personal injury accidents. The main takeaway from this article is understanding that you are not alone in this battle and that the best way to win is by hiring a component injury attorney. So, we are pleased to inform you that by hiring the services of the Law Offices of Scott J. Sent you will undoubtedly achieve the aforementioned goals. Scott and his team are a set of expert lawyers driven by their desire to help their community and provide victims with the relief they desperately need. With over two locations in South Florida, they are ready to take your call! Contact them now!

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