Burn accident injuries are very painful and usually require long and expensive treatment. If they are extensive or severe, victims can be left permanently disfigured or scarred, which can lead to both physical and psychological issues that affect the individual’s ability to maintain relationships, maintain employment, or keep healthy self-esteem.

Sometimes, these injuries are the result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. In that case, victims are entitled to legal compensation. Discussing the case with an expert in burn accident injury claims can help them understand what the legal procedure is about and what kind of compensation they can expect to receive.

Not All Burn Injuries Are The Same

All burn injuries are painful but not all of them are caused by the same factors or have the same degree of extent. Understanding their differences is essential when looking for compensation.

Radiation Burns

Radiation burns occur from exposure to alpha, beta or gamma radiation. A tanning booth, a sunlamp or the radiation that cancer patients receive during treatment are common causes of this kind of burn accident.

Electrical Burns

Electrocution, either from a bolt of lightning or a wall outlet at home can cause electrical burns. Electricians and other workers exposed to high voltage machinery are especially vulnerable to this kind of burn.

Thermal Burns

These can be divided into four types: flash burns, flame burns, scald burns and contact burns.

  • Flash burn injury accidents are caused by brief exposure to intense heat from a fire. This usually happens as the result of an explosion of a flammable substance. Flash burns are common domestic kitchen accidents as when grease or oil falls on the stove.
  • Flame burns are similar but caused by prolonged exposure to intense heat and they are common in traffic and house accidents.
  • Scald burn injury accidents are the result of exposure to hot water or liquids. Boiling water poured on your skin, for instance, can cause a severe injury in only 3 seconds. Finally, contact burns occur when plastic, glass, coals or metals have been heated up and you accidentally touch them. They are often very deep and can occur in a domestic or industrial setting. Just think about how often you take hot pans from an oven or stove as you’re preparing dinner!
Chemical Burn Accident Injuries

Bleach, ammonia and other chemical substances that are often found in household cleaners, metal cleansers or swimming pool chemicals can cause severe burn injuries. Chemical burns are particularly dangerous as they can continue to cause damage even after washing off the dangerous chemical.

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Degrees of Burn Accident Injuries

According to the severity of the injuries and how deep the damage goes, burn injuries are classified by degrees. The higher the degree, the more serious the burn is.

  • First-Degree Burn Injuries
    They damage the first layer of the skin; as a result, it’s red, swollen and painful. Sunburns are typical first-degree injuries. They usually heal within a few days.
  • Second-Degree Burns
    They penetrate the second layer of the skin and even deeper. The skin reddens and blisters usually appear. They are usually the result of scald burns, chemical or flame burns and electrocutions. These burns can take weeks or months to heal and more often than not require treatment by a qualified medical professional.
  • Third-Degree Burns
    They are the most severe as they penetrate all layers of the skin and can reach bones, muscles, and tendons. Victims of third-degree burns require immediate medical assistance and they undergo several procedures, some of them painful. Third-degree burn injuries can leave victims permanently scarred or disfigured, or have chronic, painful injuries.

Burn Injury Accidents and Legal Compensation

There are different ways in which Scott J Senft and his team of experienced attorneys can help victims of burn accidents achieve the legal compensation they deserve. The attorneys that work side by side with Personal Injury Lawyer Scott Senft have a solid background in burn injury accident claims and can help you with them.

For instance, our burn injury lawyers can help you determine whether it is in your best interest to file an insurance claim or whether you should start a personal injury lawsuit. If the injury was caused during working hours or within a work environment, we can help you manage every aspect of your workers’ compensation claim.


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