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Has your property been damaged by the recent South Florida storms?

At the law offices of Scott J. Senft, we can help.

South Florida Storm Damages Lawyer

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We Care For Our Clients

Here at The Law Offices of Scott J. Senft our homeowner’s insurance attorneys will fight for you. We work with a certified public adjuster to make sure you get a fair value for your claim.

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We Fight Insurance Companies

Insurance companies should act in good faith regarding your settlement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and one way they do this is by wrongfully denying or undervaluing your claim.

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Results & Experience

At The Law Offices of Scott J. Senft, our homeowner’s insurance attorneys in South Florida will make sure you will get a fair deal. We have many years of experience fighting for the rights of homeowners and know how to get results.

Contact us today for a free consultation at 954-833-6749 regarding your homeowner’s insurance claim.

How to identify water damage in your home –

this can be tricky, however identifying telltale signs such as water stains, mold, dampness, humidity, and dripping noises is something to keep in mind.

Why work with a public adjuster?

Besides inspecting your property to identify all areas of damage, a public adjuster will help throughout the claim process to facilitate the quickest possible resolution. Insurance companies are notorious for underpaying policyholders, delaying settlements, or even denying claims in full.

Therefore, hiring a public adjuster is the best way to ensure a speedy and fair settlement so you can begin repairs on your home.

Do you have a new claim due to the recent storms in South Florida?

Give us a call and let’s discuss your options. We can help you get the money you deserve under the law. If we don’t win, you do not pay.

Real People, Real Cases, Real Results

"I am very grateful for the work you guys have done. Very understanding and supportive while going through this traumatic life event. They were quick at responding to any questions/concerns I had while going through the process, and made sure I got a fair settlement from the insurance company."

- Michael T.

"Staff is very helpful in settling your claims, I had many issues with the insurance company delaying the claim and one call from the attorney and things started to get done. Thanks to the Law Office of Scott J. Senft."

- John M.

"Blown away how quick and smooth everything went. I’m very pleased about the outcome in my case."

- Thomas V.

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