If you are an individual seeking a just and necessary compensation for any alleged and proven damages infringed upon you, you’ve come to the right place. Even more so, if you reside in the Dania Beach area, or just in Florida for that matter, this article is meant for you. Personal injury accidents are instances that wreak both physical and emotional havoc on the victim. However, the aftermath can become far more troubling when the legal repercussions of the event come to light.

As these consequences begin to unfold, many complexities ranging from insurance companies and medical bills will be obstacles that you, already suffering from an unbearable trauma, will have to affront nonetheless. However, as difficult as that may be, you do not have to deal with these issues on your own. Instead, you can choose to find top personal injury lawyers in Florida, or a Dania Beach accident lawyer, all of which will fight for your rights, and seek to deliver you with the rightful compensation and reparation that you most rightfully deserve.

For that reason, we humbly encourage you to accompany us throughout this article, so that you may receive vital information regarding the legal aspects of any possible accidents. Equally as important, you will learn why it is crucial to hire an attorney when tackling these series of issues, so that you may proceed to attain a beneficial settlement at the conclusion of your legal process.

Sets of personal injuries

Let’s start to review the type of personal injuries that you may have suffered, alongside with their legal standards. The following include:

  • Vehicle accident injuries are perhaps the most life-threatening incidents because of their likelihood to cause a lifelong injury and even death. These not only include car accidents, but can also involve motorcycles, bikes, and any other form of transportation. Oftentimes, these accidents are caused by an at-fault party that unfortunately acted on gross negligence. 80% of the time, vehicle accidents are caused by a lack of concentration, social impairment, and reckless driving. All of these components have one thing in common: lack of responsibility. The truth of the matter is that when you decide to get behind the wheel, you accept the fact that other people’s lives will be at stake depending on your decision-making. For that reason, if you have been the victim of someone who refused to act responsibly, causing an accident on the road, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. 
  • Dog bites injuries are more common than you can imagine and occur in the United States frequently. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported in a recent study, that about 4.5 million American citizens fall victims of horrendous dog bites each year. While all eyes would point at the animal, one must understand that the real culprits are those responsible for the animal. It is not the animal’s fault that their owner allows them to run rampant without any guidance, or that may be a violent nature has been bestowed upon it. Therefore, in this circumstance, there would also be a breach of responsibility committed by the owner onto his community and those who have fallen victim to an attack.
  • Workplace injuries can be extremely traumatic events leading people to lose their income for several weeks or even months. However, there are certain legal standards that your employer or company must meet to avoid a lawsuit. Generally, most states require businesses to provide workers insurance to their employees. However, there can be instances where the company may refuse to grant these benefits if it goes against their interests. We wish to inform you that if this is the case, you have every right to pursue legal action. Furthermore, sustained damages are generally categorized into four legal components that would thus qualify you for wage loss benefits:
  1. Temporary partial disability: This would be applicable to individuals who are still able to work but in a reduced capacity.
  2. Temporary total disability: Would apply to those who are temporarily unable to work for a specific amount of time.
  3. Permanent partial disability: Applicable to those who suffered a life-long, but are still able to perform their duties within a certain degree.
  4. Permanent full disability: Applies to those individuals whose injuries are so severe that they will prevent them from ever being able to work again.

Advantages of hiring an attorney

Let’s now delve into why it is crucial to seek legal representation when deciding to pursue your compensation in any of the aforementioned injuries. 

  • Stands up to the tricky insurance companies: Even though this might be your first injury claim, the reality is that insurance companies deal with hundreds of these claims on a monthly basis, and in an exorbitant number. Additionally, they are extremely skilled at morphing the outcomes of your claim to their own advantage. For that reason, an experienced personal injury attorney can rely on their vast experience assisting people with injury claims like yours. They fully understand all of the aspects pertaining to personal injury law, and will be able to utilize their skills to hold insurance companies responsible for paying you the full compensation that you are due.
  • Saves you time & unnecessary stress: Please understand that there will be an avalanche of paperwork that will follow right after filing a personal injury claim. A personal injury attorney can assist you to quickly expedite the necessary paperwork with fewer headaches, and more effectiveness when building your claim
  • Won’t cost you anything unless you win your case: This is perhaps one of the most advantages of seeking legal representation. A fully competent law firm will opt to build your case, and compile all of the necessary evidence without charging you a dime. Meanwhile, you can focus on recuperating from your injuries, instead of worrying about an additional fee. 
  • Connects you with industry experts: An effective lawyer will be able to incorporate any influential contacts into your case, if it means that it will fortify your argument and increase your compensation. Components like investigators, specialized attorneys, and other experts can and will be incorporated into your lawyer’s “toolbox” so that he or she may help you attain the benefits you deserve. 

Now that you are more educated on not only the complexities of a personal injury claim, but also the scope of your legal rights, we hope that you will make the correct decision by seeking legal representation. Furthermore, we are pleased to inform you that The Office of Scott J. Senft is the law firm that will categorically provide you with a successful personal injury claim. Scott and his team are a set of trained legal experts that have the necessary experiences and track record of delivering concrete results to all of their clients. 

They will always fight for the protection of their clients’ rights and interests. Staff members and legal counselors speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole, further creating an effective and comfortable experience when they handle your case. The truth of the matter is that Scott’s law firm has incorporated the top personal injury lawyers in Florida, and he himself is the best Dania Beach accident lawyer in town. So, what are you waiting for? The solution is in your hands.

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