As consumers, we are always purchasing different kinds of services and products, from online streaming options to electronics, toys or tools. Manufacturers must abide by strict rules before offering their products at the market in order to ensure that they are not dangerous or harmful to users; instruction manuals have to be provided and the manufacturing process has to be properly controlled. However, sometimes defective products are released and users can be injured. On such occasions, you may be entitled to compensation. Presenting a legal claim because of a defective product is your right as a victim. Learn what steps you can take and the different types of wrongful product liability cases you can present.

Defectively Manufactured Products
Generally, when a defect in manufacturing occurs, it affects only a couple of products in a line. As a result, if a product fails and someone is injured, but it’s specific to that individual item, it could be a manufacturing defect.

Design Defects in Products
If a line of products has a core flaw because of which they fail even when used properly, this could be a design defect. It means that something was not considered or taken into account when the product was designed and now that design creates an unfortunate and potentially tragic tendency for the device or product, causing failure or injury to the user.

Inadequate Warnings
If a product can be used safely but carries inherent dangers that should be avoided, the manufacturer must warn users about those dangers and let them know how those can be avoided. If they fail to do so, you can present a claim against them.

Unless you’re an expert, it can be difficult to differentiate between these three types of defective product cases. This is why it’s so important to follow the right steps as soon as you are injured and consult with a legal expert so that you can receive the legal assistance you require.


I Was Hurt By A Defective Product – What Shall I Do?

Take Care Of Your Injuries
Depending on the injuries caused by the defective product, a doctor’s appointment may suffice. Going from there you may have to go to urgent care or even call an ambulance. Once you feel better you’ll have plenty of time to think about legal compensations.

Don’t Throw Away The Product
No matter how angry or pissed off you are, if possible, keep the product as evidence. If it was defective, badly designed or manufactured wrongly, having the actual item in hand can be a super important piece of evidence. The team of legal experts at our law firm will examine the product and determine what kind of defective product claim you can successfully present.

Document the Product
Provide as much information as you can, related to where, when and how the product was bought. Sales receipts, extended warranties, or maintenance documentation can be very useful. Keep any medical records associated with your injury.

Talk To a Lawyer Expert on Product Liability
Call the Offices of Scott J. Senft and ask for a free consultation. Remember that there are time limitations on defective product claims and the sooner you meet with Scott or any of our experienced lawyers, the sooner we can start looking into your case and help you!

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