The United States is one of the countries where most car accidents occur because of its large avenues and although this has its advantages, it also has its dangers and disadvantages. 

It is enough to set foot outside our home and we are exposed to all kinds of accidents and even more if we live in Florida; there are several causes for which car accidents occur, according to statistics, distractions such as electronics devices occupy the third place in the causes of pedestrian fatalities.

That is why our lawyers are specialized in these types of cases, in Scott’s offices we care not only for the good of our clients but we strive to ensure that your case is treated and valued in an optimal way. 

Our successful cases show that hiring a Car Accident Attorney In Florida gives you benefits which you will not receive when you rely on the insurance companies, because they work in a way that the client receives very little compensation and in some cases no compensation at all, the only thing they are able to offer the client are medical bills that in many cases they will not cover.

What Can A Car Accident Attorney In Florida Do For You?

First of all, you need to know that we have 23 years of experience, our law firm has the best lawyers specializing in all types of personal injuries, but in this article, we want to focus on our expertise in car accident claims.

Whenever we are involved in a car accident case, many questions come to our minds; was I at fault, will my insurance company help me, what if I am injured but I don’t know yet… keep reading and you will know what a Miami car accident lawyer can do for your case.

    • Our most important task is to protect the rights of our clients at all costs, a car crash means not only material damage and damage to our health, but also emotional damage, the latter is often neglected and the insurance companies and the person causing the accident take advantage of your situation and come to override your rights, imposing their terms so that you as a victim can not fight for your case.

So we have worked with the ideal of making sure that our clients’ rights are enforced and respected, as this gives the case more weight and makes it a successful outcome.

    • We have a clear vision of how insurance companies work, they are trained to give fast and favorable solutions, but sadly they are not in favor of the victim, in other words, they will give you a solution but this will be the one that best suits the company, in monetary terms, clearly an insurance company will not want to pay all the medical expenses or give you all the money you have paid for your insurance because it would not be a profitable business for them.

So we take care of dealing with these entities by gathering all the documents, proofs or evidence so that we can build a successful case.

  • Taking into account these two major tasks that we as experts perform as if it were a relative of ours, we do everything possible to get a fair compensation, we know that when you suffer an accident, there are many losses: material, time, lost wages, health and in the worst case we can even lose a loved one. Knowing this, our priority will always be to get you fair and timely compensation.

But the idea of hiring a third party to help us with our case immediately makes us think: will I have the money to pay a lawyer? How can I deal with this whole situation if I have no legal knowledge? Am I really injured?

The following is an explanation about the benefits you will have if you seek professional help.

Advantages of Hiring Our Car Accident Attorneys.

Hiring a Tampa car accident lawyer assures you immediate guarantees, we can offer you our services that translate into advantages for you.

  • Something you should know is that our lawyers will work for you and serve you, we work with you as if you were our family member, even if you speak another language such as Spanish, French, Creole or Portuguese, all in order to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • Once we have this link, we must evaluate your case, review all the evidence and documents you have and at the same time we work on looking for more evidence to give more weight to the situation.
  • Between these documents we will make sure that you receive high quality medical care, from a minor pain in an arm to brain injuries, everything is important not only to make sure your health is in good condition, but it also helps us to build a good case.
  • The next thing is that with all the effort invested in structuring a case that will be successful we will be able to give a monetary value to your case, this means that we add up from the smallest damage to the largest, thus creating a larger and larger number for you.
  • We work on a contingency fee basis, i.e. you do not have to take any money out of your pocket, only if the case is successful, the money comes from the compensation we have been able to get from the insurance.

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Thank you for reading this article, now that you know what we can offer you in Florida, you can count on the best Orlando car accident lawyer. We will strive to make your case completely successful, we are people who serve people and we know all the needs we have.

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