We are more than certain that these are perhaps the most uncertain and unprecedented times. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought us fear and financial burden. However, even throughout these unorthodox circumstances, the likelihood of incidents or damages created by reckless driving is more present than ever. Do not for even one second believe that just because there are supposedly fewer people on the road, that there will be fewer instances of reckless driving and automobile accidents. 

According to recent reports by local law enforcement, there has been a national increase of 7% in citations, instances, violations of reckless driving within the United States. Transportation officials have stressed that many drivers are viewing less congestion of vehicles as a window of opportunity to get into their cars or motorcycles to perform acts of racing competitions, violation of Covid-19 curfews, and general speeding. As always, a lack of driving responsibility leads to deadly or negative life consequences. We want to make it clear to you that if you have been the victim of a reckless driver, you are more than entitled to receive a lawful compensation if his or her actions have cost you physical and emotional damages. We vehemently want to remind you that you are not alone during these unfortunate times because the law is on your side. 

There is a due process involved that will guarantee that you are compensated for your suffering, especially when those at fault decide to violate regulations that have become even more rigorous due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, it is equally as important to state that you will not be able to seek justice on your own. Rather, you will need to hire a Covid-19 reckless driving accident lawyer, one of which will guide you throughout your legal battle. Please stay tuned throughout this detailed account on the current factors of reckless driving during Covid-19, and why it is important to hire an attorney when tackling these issues.  

Photo of a Speeding Car

Speeding & Drag Racing

State and local authorities are very concerned with the increase of organized informal races on public roads. These are hazardous events that place the lives of pedestrians and other drivers on the road in jeopardy. These events have been occurring since April, and have injured various essential workers such as nurses or doctors, and regular people that have to go and come back from work. The issue is that these are individuals who flee the scene, so it becomes extremely difficult for a victim to be able to identify the aggressor without the help of a competent attorney. Several states including Florida, have noted an increase of at least 42% in speeding tickets ever since mandatory quarantines have been placed. Unfortunately, one would assume that with the onset of the virus, people would be more empathetic in the well being of others as well as being more receptive to mandated laws. However, that is not the case. Please note that if you undergo any damages, starting from a minor crash to a worst-case scenario hit and run type of situation, you are entitled to seek a rightfully owed compensation. 


Evidence linking Covid-19 to reckless driving 

The renowned data company, Zendrive, has made the effort of acquiring substantial miles worth of driver data that managed to portray how exactly the current pandemic has influenced driving skills and behavior. Zendrive’s researchers also analyzed behavioral data from the five weeks before to the general March 16 lockdown and then proceeded to compare it to the first five weeks of the actual lockdown. By doing so, they gathered the following results:

  • A recorded 27 percent increase within the number of vehicle drivers that exceeded the mandatory speed limit.
  • There was an alarming 38 percent increase in drivers who utilized their phones to text and justified their decision making because there were fewer cars on the road.
  • A recorded 25 percent increase in hard braking due to distracted driving.
  • The number of collisions per 1 million miles increased by at least 20 percent. In other words, fewer crashes but more serious and fatal collisions.  


Pandemic effect on law enforcement 
  • Despite the fact that as we mentioned, there has been an increase in police citations and speeding tickets, several police departments are also urging police officers to make fewer stops unless they’re extremely necessary. The idea is that by making less stops, there will be a lower chance of transmission if traffic flows and there is not too much interaction between officers and drivers. 
  • However, this can be seen as a double-edged sword because a lack in the presence of law enforcement is actively enabling the onset of reckless driving. Overall, this pattern “police relaxation” seems to be unfortunately further jeopardizing the lives of reckless driving victims. For that reason, a competent attorney would also utilize that occurrence to add value to a potential personal injury claim


Hire a lawyer 

Now that you are more informed on the current facts regarding the complexities surrounding reckless driving throughout these times, let’s go ahead and review the benefits of acquiring legal expertise when you decide to seek justice. 

  • If you have been involved in the crash, not only have you sustained physical damages, but there is also the risk of contracting Covid-19 if the other driver, police officers, or medical personnel approach you. Be aware that the pandemic is a risk that can affect your quality of life and for that reason, the probability of contagion will be added onto your claim especially if the at-fault party is not wearing a mask. 
  • Your attorney will assess the damages of your car, body, and emotional trauma sustained in the accident. By compiling the necessary evidence proving them, your compensation will provide monetary relief for those specific damages. 
  • Serious injuries from a reckless driving accident could impede you from being able to work for a long period of time resulting in loss of income. No income also means stressful headaches, especially when your medical bills begin to pile up. Nonetheless, you deserve rightful compensation for any of that lost income, especially when you need to pay off your incoming medical bills. Furthermore, if your injuries are classified as permanent, or your damages result in impairments that force you to seek a lower-paying job, you may also recover compensation for future losses of opportunity.  
  • Also, please note that achieving compensation in Florida for pain and suffering is attained by accurately exemplifying the overall negligence claim, to the at-fault party’s insurance company. At that point and time, your attorney will divide up your damages into economic assets such as medical bills or lost wages as well as non-economic damages like emotional trauma. 
  • An expert attorney will fight for your rights, especially in such an unprecedented time that is driven by a virus that is inflicting terrible uncertainty in all of us. Throughout your legal battle, your lawyer will provide you an objective view of your process in a time where your emotions may not be as stable. A steady and reasonable voice of reason will guide you expertly through your case. 


We are confident that with the given information you may feel more knowledgeable of the facts surrounding a reckless driving accident. Perhaps the most important aspect of the article is that you understand that without a Covid-19 reckless driving accident lawyer you will not be able to attain the compensation that you deserve. For that matter, we are pleased to inform you that the Offices of Scott Senft The Lawyer will provide you with all of the legal tools and necessary expertise to successfully guide you through your legal battle. Scott and his team genuinely wish to aid you in your most difficult moments. They are ready to take your case and compile all of the necessary steps to build a strong argument that truly gets you reparations for your damages. With two locations in South Florida, Scott and his team are ready to take your call!

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