Motor vehicle accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Just like other personal injury accidents, it can cause an immeasurable amount of grief, physical limitation, and even death. It is important to have in mind that car accidents are also one of the most common types of personal injury accidents because of the number of vehicles that are on the street.

That’s right, the truth of the matter is that if you do not have a personal vehicle, chances are that it will be very difficult for you to move around and make ends meet. As a result, we have all become first-hand witnesses to the number of cars that are present in South Florida and our immediate communities.

Having that in mind, we believe that a lot of car accidents in our area are also caused because of the urgency with which people drive. You see, the nature of our fast-paced society is extremely high and makes us drive at high speeds in order to arrive at our destinations on time as quickly as possible. However, oftentimes people use these misconceptions as an excuse to evade responsibility and willfully choose to disregard the law.

The truth of the matter is that when a driver decides to get behind the wheel and operate a motor vehicle, they should already know that it is imperative to be concentrated and always execute a cautious style of driving.

Just because an individual believes that they are running late to an event, does not give them the right to run a red light or drive at reckless speeds. If so, they should accept their tardiness and simply arrive where they need to go knowing they did not put themselves nor anybody else in danger.

Sadly, car accidents are one of the most leading causes of severe injuries and death in the United States and Dania Beach is no exception to that harsh reality. We have seen time and time again how people become the victims of others’ lack of proper decision-making when getting behind the wheel.

You should know that as a victim of a car accident, you deserve to be compensated for all of the pain and suffering that comes with it. You see, your damages are actually worth something and an injury lawsuit will grant you the justice that you so desperately desire to achieve.

Nonetheless, you must be advised that you will not be able to achieve this success on your own. Why? Because the insurance companies that represent the party at fault will try to undermine the damages to your car and any other expenses that were created from the period of recovery.

They will try to hassle you and offer you a sum of money that only covers your car but the rest of your ramifications. There is a solution though, by hiring an accident attorney you will benefit from the legal arsenal that your lawyer has at his or her disposal.

They will deal with the insurance companies for you and make sure that you receive the settlement that you deserve. As a result, you will be able to recuperate in peace from your car accident injury in Dania Beach while a lawyer fights for your rights.

So, we would be honored for you to continue joining us throughout this article as we talk about a few things. We shall delve into common types of MVA injuries in Florida, the legal basis of this type of accident, and how an injury attorney can help you through this entire process. Let’s get started!

The Most Common Types of Injuries During a Car Accident in Dania Beach

To start off, a “whiplash” type of injury is an instance where the neck and upper muscles and ligaments are stretched due to sudden movements imposed on the head and neck in the collision. These same patterns can also cause mid-back to low-back muscle sprains, and other underlying serious back injuries because of the force of the impact against the individual’s spine. Other body parts that are often included in these crashes cover the following:

  • Head trauma – concussions and broken skulls.
  • Burns – This can occur from fires, airbag deployment, seatbelt scraps.
  • Sprained arms, legs, and joints.
  • Mental trauma – (Pain and suffering)
  • Broken bones and punctured soft tissues and organs.

Legal standards of a Car Accident Injury in Florida

We are aware that automobile accidents are one of the most common but also fatal personal injury accidents. According to national statistics, 33% of vehicle accidents are triggered by substance abuse behind the wheel. This lack of responsibility from those who operate the vehicles is thus legally categorized as gross negligence because of the effects that these consequences bestow on any car accident victim. Whether the victim was a pedestrian, passenger, or any individual immediately hurt by a vehicle, they are entitled to compensation.

Qualifications of negligence include the following:

  • Reckless driving,
  • Speeding,
  • Inebriation,
  • Emotional driving

Legal Experience at Your Service

Now that you are more familiar with the legalities behind personal injury accidents, let’s go ahead and review why it is essential to hire an attorney for these issues.

Helping you build a case is the most important advantage of hiring a personal injury attorney. They will detail the requirements needed to prove that the party at fault is liable for the accident that led to your injury. Your attorney will thus gather the pertinent evidence required that will undoubtedly prove your injuries were caused by gross negligence from an irresponsible driver. Further advantages of hiring a lawyer include:

  • Talking to witnesses who saw your accident and can truthfully testify on your behalf.
  • Obtaining police records and accident reports that describe the events leading to the accident.
  • Your attorney will direct you to medical experts so that they can examine your medical charts. This will save you time and financial headaches, because the experts that your attorney points you towards, will be trained professionals that reside within your lawyer’s circle of trust.
  • A personal injury lawyer will calculate and assess your total damages. By doing so, he or she will add monetary value to your claim on the basis of physical, mental, and financial trauma.
  • Your accident attorney will make sure to educate you on the complexities of insurance coverage. There are various myths and misconceptions on what car insurance can actually do. For example, full coverage does not mean that your insurance or the party at fault’s coverage will cover the damages to your car and all of the extra out-of-pocket expenses.
  • In terms of insurance, there are two types: (BI) insurance and personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. The latter, PIP, grants the victim coverage for injuries to you and others involved in the accident. The former, BI, protects against lawsuits made against you if you are responsible for an accident.

To conclude, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this valuable detailed account. Having said that, we do believe that you are now more educated on the legal complexities of car accident injuries in Dania Beach.

More importantly, we hope that you remember that the solution to receive a rightful set of compensation is in your hands. All you have to do is get the legal assistance of a personal injury attorney near you.

Thankfully, we are happy to announce to you that we know of the most efficient and competent law firm in the State of Florida. Having that in mind, we are proud to present you with the services of The Law Offices of Scott J. Senft. Scott and his team are an expert group of personal injury attorneys that are ready to take your case and deliver you the compensation you deserve.

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